Dr. Martens 1461 x Keith Haring Shoes-4 černé

Dr. Martens 1461 x Keith Haring Shoes-4 černé DM26834001-4

DR. MARTENS x KEITH HARING Keith Haring’s publicly minded art questioned authority whilst being accessible and vibrant. There was always more than met the eye. And there still is. In this new collection, our Originals have been printed with Haring’s instantly recognisable graphics. Shattering boundaries and paving the way for new wave of activism, Keith Haring’s art is everywhere. From big city buildings and street murals. To art galleries and the Berlin wall. And now on our 1461 shoes. Made from Smooth Gloss leather and decorated with his ‘angelic baby’ design with red and white colouring, the shoes are instantly recognisable as both Dr. Martens and Haring’s signature style. Finished with black and yellow heel loop and yellow welt stitching.

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